Hillary Chybinski: 5 months. . .

Monday, March 12, 2007

5 months. . .

. . .owen is 5 months old today.

today is also my grandmother's birthday. . .can't help but miss her a lot today and wish she were still here. i told owen how much she would have loved him and his big brother. how much joy she would have taken in watching them grow. it's been 20 years since she passed away, and sometimes it still feels like yesterday.

you would think, scrapbooker that i am. . .i would have "imortalized" some of the amazing and cherished memories i have of my grandparents. . .but i haven't. i don't really know why not, only that i feel as if i couldn't do it justice. maybe someday. . .the boys need to know. they need to know what it was like for me and my grandparents. . .the trips, the gifts, the love. having them next door and there for me every single day.

someday. . .maybe someday soon.

catch you soon -

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  1. I just want to reach through the screen and pinch those adorable arms!!!!!!

    And scrapping about your Grandmother -- there will be a time when it will feel like the right thing to do.....

    Love to all,