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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

so hard to believe. . .

. . .that on september 5th, this child will be starting kindergarten.

where has all the time gone?

tonight when i put him to bed, we talked a little bit about what kindergarten will be like. . .he's nervous because he doesn't know how to read yet. one of his friends does. i assured him he will learn to read in kindergarten. it's amazing how a simple question of capability and desire (he has no interest in learning to read at home, even though we read almost everyday), can fire up a hailstorm of shoudls and coulds.

should i hire someone to teach him to read?
should we start some fast-track phonics program?
cut out television?

nah. . .that's what kindergarten is for - relax. . .he will do great. my little boy is going to be one of the "big kids" now. . .

catch you soon -

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  1. My daughter will be 5 in October, so Kindergarten is still a year away.

    She wants to read SO badly. We've tried to teach her a bit, but now I worry that the teachers will be upset that she knows so much before she gets to them!

    Enjoying the blog.

    (Visiting from the ckmb)

    Melissa (melz)