Hillary Chybinski: not bad for 30 weeks pregnant. . .

Sunday, August 13, 2006

not bad for 30 weeks pregnant. . .

. . .john and i went to a wedding on friday night. what a beautiful night for a wedding and the location was perfect.

ryan stayed with mimi and pop-pop again - having the time of his life! and really, what could be better now that uncle joe moved back in??

i have to say - i am feeling the third trimester slump. . .i just canmot muster the energy to do more than 1 thing a day. . .if i run errands, there is no way i can do laundry. . .it's really getting on my nerves. . .nothng would ever get done if john and ryan weren't so great about things. i love them both so much.

catch you soon -

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