Hillary Chybinski: marriage. . .when you're 5. . .

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

marriage. . .when you're 5. . .

. . .so tonight when ryan is going through his hugging my ever-expanding belly routine, he says, "mom, when i grow up i'm going to marry owen (the to-be baby's to-be name)".

me: "uhm ry - you can't marry owen."

him: "mom! (totally exasperated here) boys can marry boys you know."

me: "NOT if they are your brother" "you cannot marry someone in your family"

him: "oh. . .then I'm going to marry sophia"

and off he went to do something. . .i thought this was funny - i bet i never thought about same-sex marriage until i was well over 30. . .let alone tell my mom she was in the dark ages not knowing it could be done. . .at 5!!!

we do know a few families with 2 moms. . .no 2 dads as of yet. . .he seems accepting of the situation and that makes me feel proud as his mom.

as for the marriage to sophia - if it ever happens, thinking back to him talking about it when he was 5 will be a scream. i think i need to do a LO. . .just in case. . .

catch you soon -

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  1. lol, that is so funny, I'm happy he has that already figured out, and I'm glad you wrote it down, he is going to laugh at htis story when he gets older, take care Hil