Hillary Chybinski: twins. . .

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

twins. . .

. . .so, we're watching Dragon Tails the other day, and have this conversation:

ryan: i wish me and sophia had two heads.

mommy: you wish you and sophia had two heads? do you mean that you wish you had two heads on one body like Zak and Wheezie on Dragon Tails?

ryan: yeah. then we could live in the same house and be together all the time.

honestly - nothing says i love you like wanting to be siamese twins. . .i wonder if Hallmark ever thought about that? and can you imagine that creatures' poor mother - all those questions and curiosity and ideas and energy from TWO heads all day long??

they are the cutest friends - i hope it lasts for them forever.

catch you soon -

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