Hillary Chybinski: Halloween is over. . .

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween is over. . .

. . .over, over. . .Halloween is over. . .la la la la la.

okay - really, i LOVE Halloween. if it had presents it would be my favorite holiday! but this year - Ryan needed a social secretary to keep everything straight.

we had a blast, and we have enough candy to open a store, much more than one little 5 year old boy needs. he loved his costume. thank you Mimi for contributing the helmet (not pictured here), which is much loved. he had a great time out and about with is dad and some friends, going door to door.

at one point, there was this lovely couple, with a beautiful yard that they worked really hard to make spooky. the man and a friend were down in the dark, spooky yard, wearing scary masks and handing out candy. for some reason, Ryan wanted me to walk down there. when i did, and tried to explain that they were regular guys wearing spooky masks. . .he belted out this completely hardy FAKE laugh. . .it was hilarious. like - ha ha, I'm not scared. ha ha ha ha . . .

gosh darn it he's cute.

catch you soon -

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