Hillary Chybinski: pumpkin picking. . .

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

pumpkin picking. . .

. . .at Shady Brook Farms.

i went with Ryan's preschool class on a trip to Shady Brook Farms in Yardley, PA yesterday. since it wasn't a "regular" school day for Ryan, we drove and met his class there. he was SO excited and had a great time with his friends. i like the opportunity to watch him interact with his friends and teachers.

of course, mommy needed to come right home and take a nap - class trips are EXHAUSTING! but Ryan wanted to make an apple crumble with the apples that our neighbor gave us. so yesterday was a bit of a fall fest here at our house. almost all the fall and halloween decorations are up. . .love this time of the year.

catch you soon -

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