Hillary Chybinski: what are you wearing?

Sunday, October 09, 2005

what are you wearing?

. . .not necessarily right now. . .but in general. . .

okay, here's the story.

last night i went to the ballet with some girlfriends. . .closing night of Swan Lake - great time!

we sat there during intermission and observed some of the outfits that the other patrons were wearing. we saw a lovely woman in a red satin strapless ballgown. she was by-far the most dressed person in attendance. unfortunately she was wearing clunky shoes and a casual rain coat too.

i realize that is was teeming rain last evening, but is that a sufficient excuse? would it have been better to wear a nice skirt and top or nice dress, with the casual raincoat? there were even people there in jeans. . .and one girl in what looked like a sweatsuit! i know that in 2005, dress is more casual, and many styles are acceptable in more places - - - but does that make it right?

i am a devoted watcher of "What Not to Wear" on TLC. . .i wish that Stacey and Clinton could hang out at my house for a few weeks and help me out. i am one of those people that starts thinking about what i'm going to wear, the minute i accept an invitation. heaven forbid someday there is someone in the balcony, scrutinizing what i am wearing - and posting about it on their blog!

catch you soon -

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