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Monday, August 15, 2005


. . .this is my son and his best friend, Sophia.

i love to watch (and listen to) them together. sometimes they are so alike, its scary. . .and other times their differences are so astounding, it's amazing that they even like other.

our family has known Sophia's since the kids were 3 months old. . .Ryan and Sophia share the same birthday and go to the same preschool. . .in fact, they met at preschool. not sure, but it seems a little like fate is up to her old tricks.

in September, we are trying a family vacation all together - in NC. . .the kids and grown-ups too, seem really excited. we are very lucky that Ryan has become friends with such a sweet girl, from a wonderful family . . .now if only they don;t blow it before the prom!

catch you soon -

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