Hillary Chybinski

Monday, February 05, 2018

Easy Family Meal Plan 2018 Week 6

Weekly Family Meal Plan 2018 Week 6

Happy Monday meal planners and welcome back. Were you wondering where my weekly meal plan was this morning?? So sorry about that, but we were all up late last night celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl victory, and I didn't plan ahead.

See what happens when you don't take the time plan??? I know better, and that's why I find meal planning to be so beneficial, even though I don't really enjoy it. Having a plan, and the things necessary to carry-out that plan, really make life easier.

Thursday, February 01, 2018

This is 50 . . . A Self-Reflection on Aging

A look at turning 50

It's been a while since I've done a reflective, personal post . . .but this morning, when I pulled out my journal to do my daily writing, the words just flowed . . .and I felt a move to share them with you.  So here we go . . .

This is 50 . . .so many ideas swirling around about this number, this season, this time in my life. It seems both profound and yet just another day, all at the same time.

Baby steps forward, always improving upon what I know and what I've learned. More comfortable in my own skin, yet the skin feels and fits differently. It looks different. No judgement - I'll be 50 soon, I've learned to try and leave judgement behind - it serves no positive purpose.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Easy Family Meal Plan 2018 Week 5

Weekly Family Meal Plan

Hard to believe it's Monday already but here we are fellow meal planners! So we are one month into the new year - how are you doing with your meal planning so far? Are you struggling? Are you sailing through? Let me know. Also, if you have a specific thing you're struggling with, let's try to work on it together!

For me, I am still not getting any input from my family. It gets frustrating sometimes, having to be the solo person planning meals for three others and anticipating what they'll like. As you can imagine, I don't always hit a home run, even though I'm trying, and that can be annoying to say the least. But I figure it they were that unhappy, they would contribute - right?

So that is my current meal plan struggle - trying to get input on ideas from my family. After I planned out this week, I realized it's all easy food this week - though that wasn't my intention. We are trying one new recipe, the Instant Pot Minestrone. I will most likely have to have chicken soup for the kiddos, neither are big bean fans.