Hillary Chybinski

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Outfit Inspiration - Black and White Stripes Paired With Denim

Simple and Casual Outfit Idea Inspired by Instagram
What am I going to wear today? Do you ask yourself this question EVERY. DANG. MORNING.?? I know I do. Much of the time I spend getting ready each day, is spent putting together the perfect outfit. Back in the day, I used to pour through magazines looking for inspiration. These days, Instagram and Pinterest are my two top sources for outfit inspiration.

It's my belief that Instagram and Pinterest should be for inspiring people - not getting them to buy things (although plenty of people do it very successfully and there's nothing wrong with that-that's just not why I'm there). When I scroll through pretty pictures on Instagram, I'm inspired to pull out similar pieces from my own closet, or make a similar meal for my own family. When I post pictures and links there myself, it's with the intent to do the same for you, my friends, readers and followers. I want to plant an idea in your head that you can run with and add joy to your life.

I found such inspiration over the weekend in the Instagram feed of Carley Barton.  Carley posted an adorable picture of a simple black and white striped dress with a chambray shirt worn jacket-style. So simple and classic, it got my wheels turning. I don't have a dress like that - although it's been on my "to buy" list forever. Maybe someday I'll find one. But I do have a black and white striped t-shirt . . .and black ankle pants . . .and a chambray shirt.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Meal Planning - 2016 Week 26

Weekly Meal Plan Ideas sharing real food for real families. Save time and money by planning easy menus for your family.

Oh summer I love you. Even with a busier schedule and a disruption to my grocery shopping schedule, there is just something more relaxed and easy-going about summer meals. Not in the mood for what you planned? Throw together a yummy Charcuterie (fancy word for cheese plate) and dinner is served. The kids think it's fancy and love to pick and eat with their fingers. In a time crunch? pick up a rotisserie chicken on the way home. It works for easy wraps and salads and then you also have something for lunch the next day!

Friday, June 24, 2016

25 Delicious Ideas for Using Your Waffle Maker

A round-up of 25 ideas for using your waffle maker or waffle iron, including gluten-free and diary and egg free recipes too.

Around here, we are huge Alton Brown fans. Back in the day, we used to watch Good Eats religiously. One thing that always stuck with me was Alton talking about kitchen tools that were uni-taskers, meaning you could only really use them for one thing. He was a genius about using things everyone has in their kitchen, rather than buying fancy uni-taskers you didn't really need.

Enter the waffle maker (some refer to it as a waffle iron). For years, I assumed this was a uni-tasker - you used it to make waffles. Period. Then a little thing like Pinterest and Food Blogs entered my world, and I started to see really cool ideas using a waffle maker. Okay, in the end, they are all waffles, but they are sweet or savory and most definitely not your frozen morning meal.