Hillary Chybinski

Monday, January 22, 2018

Easy Family Meal Plan 2018 Week 4

Easy Weekly Family Meal Plan 2018 Week 4

Happy Monday meal planners I'm so glad you're here. Welcome to any new readers, I hope you find something to inspire your own meal planning process. If you are a "regular" around here, thanks for popping in again and please take a minute to share something that's REALLY working for you this year in meal planning.

We live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, so in case you didn't already hear - the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Minnesota Vikings last night to go on to the Super Bowl. What that meant around here was wings and nachos for dinner, brownies for dessert, and two tired kids who don't want to go to school this morning!

But seriously, with "special event" planning, my regular meal planning took a back seat this weekend AND we have a busy week coming up. Not the best situation right? But since we meal plan every week faithfully, we can handle it - so let's do this!

Friday, January 19, 2018

What I'm Listening To: My Favorite Podcasts Right Now

Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

Reading is my absolute favorite pastime. But I like actual books (and ebooks), not audio books. So I was the last person I know to start listening to podcasts. It took me a few tries to find something that i liked, but once I did, I was hooked! The first podcast I found that I binged on was  Elise Blaha's Elise Gets Crafty. I love Elise's sense of humor and approach to entrepreneurship and creativity.

After I started my essential oils journey, I discovered the Essential Oil Revolution. This podcast combined a lot of great information about the use of essential oils, as well as building a business with Young Living. I found the podcasts to be a great way to brush up on my knowledge of the oils and Samantha's guests are top-notch! Young Living also has a podcast series that I listen to regularly called, Drop of Inspiration.

Then I hit a podcast lull . . .I couldn't find anything new that I wanted to listen to on a continuing basis. But last year, I started commuting to an office on a pretty regular basis, about 40 minutes a day total, and working with a non-profit. I had only volunteered with non-profits in the past, so I really wanted to up my knowledge-base to hit the ground running.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Easy Family Meal Plan 2018 Week 3

Weekly Family Meal Plan 2018 Week 3

Happy Monday and welcome back meal planners! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Ours was low-key as we've made a resolution to stay out of the malls for something to do (and spend money) and hang out here at home together more often. So far so good, and I am really enjoying the relaxed weekend vibe.

It's a three-day weekend for us, but we still need to eat, so that mean a meal plan - right? We finally ended up having the Greek Fritatta, a week later than originally planned, but it worked out fine. In my desperate search for a chicken recipe for Wednesday, I stumbled across a recipe for the Best Baked Chicken Legs. I guess I only glanced at the recipe, because I got half way into it and realized we didn't have any Soy Sauce. Say what??!

I try to maintain a basic stocked pantry, with staples like chicken stock, canned tomatoes, rice, etc. But when we moved over the summer, I tossed a lot of things that had been hanging around for a while and not all of them had been replaced yet. So I improvised, which is NOT my strength in the kitchen . . .but it worked. This recipe was a hit with three of the four of us and that's a win around here. I made some rice and a vegetable mixture to round out the meal.