Hillary Chybinski

Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekly Family Meal Plan 2017 Week 33

Weekly Family Meal Plan 2017 Week 33

Oh hello there meal planners - welcome back to another week of planning and menu ideas for your family.

Summer is winding down around here. With the move, it's been an especially busy one, with less "family time" activities than I would like.  But since the kids are older, we were able to experience packing up our old house and settling into our new house together, which can be a surprisingly great way to spend time together as a family.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Weekly Family Meal Plan 2017 Week 32

Weekly Family Meal Plan 2017 Week 32

Good Monday morning friends! Welcome back for our weekly post where I share my intended meal plan for the week. If this is your first time here, welcome and I hope you find a nugget to inspire you. We are all busy, and sometimes life can get tough.  But each Monday, we can come together here and share our plan and hopefully help each other out a bit.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekly Family Meal Plan 2017 Week 31

Weekly Meal Plan 2017 Week 31

Hello meal planners and welcome back! Yes, I am back, and I apologize for my three week disappearance act. We made a sudden move across town, and my meal planning (and writing) went right out the window! We found out on Memorial Day weekend, and moved on July 21st, so things moved really fast.

We are settling into our new home now, and slowly unpacking the cooking things I brought with us. I'm finding I may be able to purge even more than I had thought. Why do we hold onto so many things? Do we really need that many pans and different pots? What are some of your MUST haves in your kitchen?