Hillary Chybinski: Easy Family Meal Plan 2018 Week 36

Monday, September 03, 2018

Easy Family Meal Plan 2018 Week 36

Weekly Family Meal Plan

Well hey there meal planners! So sorry I dropped out this summer . . .I have never done that before, but I lost ALL my meal planning mojo this summer. And can I be honest with you? We ate WAY too much junk and spent WAY too much money! ugh.

So, now I am climbing back up on this horse with all of you, and digging in. I took some time over the weekend to plan out ALL of my September meal ideas. That's right . . .I'm now trying to plan out a month at a time, then fine-tune each week. What do you think??

Here's another change I'm making. I am planning for one Take Out night each week, one Leftover Buffet and one Family meal out. I am committing to paying for outside food only TWICE per week. We got up to as many as 4 times a week this summer. It was ghastly.

I have high hopes for this plan . . .implementing it from now through the end of December and then I will revisit the process for the new year and tweak it where necessary.  So with all that said and done, here is how our first week of September (and back to school for us!) looks.

Monday - Burgers and Dogs on the Grill - Happy Labor Day/End of Summer
Tuesday - Taco Tuesday with Lime Rice and Guacamole (nachos for lunches the rest of the week)
Wednesday - Pasta with Chicken in a creamy garlic sauce
Thursday - Baked Pork Chops with Roasted Potatoes and Broccoli
Friday - Take Out Night
Saturday - Leftover Buffet/YOYO (You're On Your Own)
Sunday -Family Dinner Out

What do you have planned for dinner this week? Share your ideas here in the comments, or join us over on Facebook, to talk all things meal planning!

catch you soon -
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  1. Welcome back, Hillary! So, here's a question I've been wanting to ask you FOREVER. I want to know more about your YOLO nights. Do your boys actually make themselves a meal, forage for leftovers, eat cereal? I'm genuinely curious. The one night I tried this (admittedly, without any fair warning) neither of my children ate dinner. I'd love to see a blog post on how you started this and how it works.

    1. Hi Melissa thanks for asking! So it's honestly a combination of all of that! LOL - on those nights, they can eat something that we have that doesn't involve cooking . . .heating up in the oven or microwave is ok. They RARELY choose to make themselves something, 9 times out of 10 it's leftovers. Love your suggestion for a post - I will definitely put one together! =)