Hillary Chybinski: Celebrate the Powerful Women in Your Life {Zenni Optical Giveaway}

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Celebrate the Powerful Women in Your Life {Zenni Optical Giveaway}

Powerful women are all around us, celebrate them in this sponsored post from Zenni Optical

This is a sponsored post created in partnership with Zenni Optical. As always, all opinions are my very own.

Women leaders are everywhere - in our government, in our community, maybe even in your own house! They see the big picture for success – for themselves or others – and have the courage and strength to get the job done. When I think of women leaders, I think of women like Hillary Clinton, Indira Gandhi and Melinda Gates. Whether you agree with their views or not, there is no doubt of the success and power they wield within our world.

As women, at least in my own experience, the battle is almost always uphill.  Men entered the workforce first. Men rose to power first. Men made the rules. But when women began to enter the workforce in droves during World War II, the world was forever changed. Not that there weren't powerful and successful women before that. There have always been the wise women that have guided the world, sometimes from behind their husbands or fathers when necessary. But before the war, it was uncommon for women to work outside the home (again, NOT a deal breaker for power or success).

Powerful women come in all shapes, sizes and shades. They push their cart next to you at the grocery store, sit next to you on the train and take their kids to the zoo. While women like Michelle Obama, Sheryl Sandberg and Meg Whitman make the covers of magazines, it's the everyday movers and shakers that keep our world running. The PTA Moms, the Soccer Moms, the Non-Profit Volunteers, the Student Leaders. . .the women that take on these roles, are the powerful women that inspire me on a daily basis. In a world where time is so short and demand is so great, the women that carve out the time and space to pursue their passions and their beliefs, are the powerful women inspirations in my life.

Let's take some time to celebrate those women, that touch our lives everyday. That take on things to help make our world a better place for all of us. The struggle is real. But we're all in this together, one step at a time.

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