Hillary Chybinski: Seeing Red (and Pink) - What to Wear for Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Seeing Red (and Pink) - What to Wear for Valentine's Day

Welcome back to another weekly fashion post, where I share real fashion for real women. Each week, I highlight at least one outfit that I'm wearing right now, as well as provide ideas and inspiration to help you get dressed in the mornings. Life is hard, getting dressed shouldn't be.

It's that time of year again . . .Valentine's Day. It's been YEARS since we have gone out for Valentine's Day. Not only because we are parents, but my birthday is the day after and EVERYTHING is more expensive on Valentine's Day. I refuse to eat a limited menu at my favorite restaurants or pay three times more for flowers than I did the week before. What I WILL do however, is wear red or maybe pink.

We don't have anything special planned for the day and it's a weekend, so I will most likely resort to a basic red sweater and jeans.

Red Sweater and Jeans

No red sweater? No worries - how about red accessories, like a scarf and/or bag? Even a great pair of red shoes or boots can make an everyday outfit seem more festive. Now is also a great time to break out any heart-shaped pendants, bracelets and earrings in your jewelry box.

Fun Red Accessories

If red isn't your thing, you could do wine.Maybe a great wine-colored top or merlot dress?

A Wine Top Paired iwth a Casual Black Skirt

A Merlot Dress With Boots

Or even pops of pink with a t-shirt and jeans can make your outfit look more festive.

Pink Accessories make a Splash of Color

Don't forget the men in your life. I try to get my husband and boys to wear their red sweaters or pink polos for Valentine's Day. It makes a great family shot when everyone has some pink or red on.

There are many options for Valentine's Day fashion. What's important is to dress for your activity, and toss some red or pink in there. Maybe even surprise your spouse or partner with some red lace underneath it all.

What will you wear this Valentine's Day?

catch you soon -
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  1. Love Love the black with the Hot pink scarf and purse! Also really like the gray sweater and red scarf. :)

  2. The hot pink scarf outfit is my favorite!!!!