Hillary Chybinski: Styling Skinny Jeans

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Styling Skinny Jeans

Welcome back to another weekly fashion post. Each week I share ideas and inspiration on rocking your wardrobe. We are all real women, and we have real bodies and real budgets (for better or worse). There's no need to go buy new things, let's try and think about what we have in new, stylish ways, and when needed, add to our wardrobe in a mindful and positive way. This week, we're talking jeans.

I never ever thought I was a "skinny jeans" kind of girl. I had tried several kinds, in some cases, barely getting them up over my thighs and in other cases they gaped in the back, showing off my dainties of the day. But I love tall boots, and I was bound and determined to wear my jeans INSIDE my tall boots, and that meant skinny jeans.

Jeans - Modern Skinny Ankle from Ann Taylor | Tank - Chico's | Blouse - Ann Taylor (late summer) | Shoes - DSW | Pendant - DIY Diffuser Necklace

Jeans are a lot like bathing suits. You really have to try on a million pairs to find one that works. When I found mine, I bought them in dark denim, faded denim, white and black. Now I am hoping they don't go out of style! I found my favorite pair at Ann Taylor. They have a nice bit of stretch, making them comfortable, but they don't bag-out too much after I wear them a bit.

Faded Denim Skinny Jeans styled with a casual striped t shirt and flip flops.
Jeans - Ann Taylor Modern Skinny Ankle | Tank - Bienne from Aventura | T-shirt - Ann Taylor (last year) | Bag - Kate Spade | Shoes - Vionic | Pendant - Corning Museum of Glass

I prefer to wear my skinny jeans with boots and booties for fall and winter, and cuffed with flip flops or sandals in the spring and summer. They look great with all sorts of flats and casual sneakers as well. In fact, I can't get over the idea that the second outfit I have pictured (with the striped shirt) desperately needs a pair of Tieks - am I right?? I am not a fan of high heels and skinny jeans - that's a little too "street walker" for my taste.

Are you a fan of the skinny jean? What's your favorite brand?

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  1. So apparently I've been doing it wrong, because I have yet to find a pair I can even pull up! I haven't even gotten to the gaping waist issue :)

    I have not pulled off the boots thing because I don't know what else you can wear with them if you don't have skinny jeans.

  2. These look adorable on you! I need some new jeans!

  3. I love skinny jeans paired with a baggy top!