Hillary Chybinski: Fall Scarves

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Scarves

There is a distinct feel of fall in the air around here this week. And I am more than ready for fall fashions. This week, let's talk a little bit about scarves. Scarves have been in style for years, in one form or another. They can make a big impact on your fall style, and you probably have a stack of them in your closet already.
Great Scarf Ideas for Fall - Real Style for Real Women

So there are several different kinds of scarves, but blanket, infinity and long, seem to be getting the most press lately. Let's take a look at some scarf styles I have in my closet, and how they may apply to your own fall wardrobe. For consistency, I styled them all with a simple pair of dark denim boot cut jeans and a white long-sleeved t-shirt.
First off, the Blanket Scarf. This scarf can be a challenge to wear because it may be thicker or bigger than the scarves you're used to. Play around with it before you buy and see if you can change it up. One of the pluses of a blanket scarf, is it really can keep you warm if the temperatures drop. I love this Kate Spade one I got as a gift from my brother and his girlfriend:

Kate Spade Blanket Scarf styled for Fall

Kate Spade Blanket Scarf styled as a wrap

This scarf can be worn a few different ways, it can be an infinity scarf or a blanket scarf/poncho. I picked it up in a local boutique because the color just drew me in, but I've seen similar styles in a range of colors in some Hallmarks stores:

Aqua Poncho/Scarf Styled for Casual Fall

Next, my personal favorite, the infinity scarf. This scarf is effortless to wear. It doesn't fall off, it naturally lays correctly and looks great on just about everyone. I just received a new one from Aventura Clothing (I'm an Ambassador) called the Bergamo Infinity Scarf. I also picked up a great one when I worked with J Jill last year.

Aventura Bergamo Infinity Scarf styled for Fall

J Jill Infinity Scarf styled for Fall

Finally, let's look at a long scarf option. You can hold it in half and loop the open ends through the closed end to make an infinity scarf with tails, or simply wrap it around your next in the Parisian style:
Long Scarf in Fall Colors Styled for Fall

Striped Long Scarf Styled for Fall

So there you have a ton of ideas for styling your scarves this fall. Don't have a scarf? It's a great inexpensive way to add a pop of color. What's your favorite way to rock a scarf?

catch you soon -
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  1. I love all of these, especially the plaid one and the last one you featured. Love the jeans you are wearing too!

  2. You look so great in scarves!! I think I like the Bergamo scarf the best, but I love that plaid is back in a big way. It's always a fall necessity.

    1. Awe thanks! That scarf is really great - it's close-fitting but it's light-weight so it shouldn't make you too warm. =) Comes in three colors I believe.

  3. Thank you for this! I always am looking for ways to tie scarves and they never turn out. Love the over the shoulder one!

    1. I can be daunting - sometimes I feel like I'm constantly fussing with them - that's why I love the infinity scarves - they are SO easy - LOL

  4. I LOVE scarves too!!! You really pop in the Bergamo Infinity Scarf.