Hillary Chybinski: A Day in the Life of An Essential Oiler

Thursday, July 09, 2015

A Day in the Life of An Essential Oiler

An Easy Guide to how I use my Essential Oils Every Day.

As moms (or dads, or aunts, or anyone), I think we all try to keep our families as happy and healthy as possible. Every day there's new information about something that used to be "all the rage" and is now suddenly "bad for you." Making every day decisions can be a tough job. It was Scorates that said:
"The body cannot be cured without regard for the soul"

That's a great way to approach your journey towards better health and wellness. Everything that happens on the outside, starts with us on the inside. As you may know, I started using Young Living Essential Oils this year, on my own path to better health and wellness. An essential oil is nature's living energy from a plant, which offers it's protection, strength and vitality. Who can't use more protection, strength and vitality in their day??

One question that I get asked a lot is, "what you DO with all those oils?!" Typically, I laugh and say EVERYTHING! But if you aren't familiar with using oils or you're just getting started on your own journey, that may not make any sense. So I put together a little primer of some of my favorite oils and how or why I use them on a typical day:

Cedarwood: When your hair (or your husband's) disappears and you ain't got time fuh dat. Also, when it's hard to settle down at night.

Citrus Fresh: Because sometimes I just have a really bad attitude. And because I like my digestive system to be clean.

Clarity: When your brain won't work and your to-do list is mile long.

Deep Relief Roll-On: When you've hit 10,000 steps and it's only 10am.

Dragon Time: For that Dragon Time of the month, when you hate every human on the planet.

En-R-Gee: Because some days, you just don't want to be a grown-up but you still have to.

Frankincense: Because we all have skin.

Grapefruit: Because I hate dimples in my thighs, and I like a flat belly.

Joy: When everyone in your life gets on your nerves. 

Lavender: At the end of a long . . .long. . . day.

Lemon: When I can't get the label off of the cool vase I got at HomeGoods. Also, when I can't face one more glass of water (Lemon Vitality).

Lemongrass: Because we all have knees and elbows that get creaky as we age.

Lime: Did someone say Happy Hour (Lime Vitality)?

M-Grain: When your head is about to explode.

NingXia Red:  Because you don't have time to be sick or tired.

Oregano: When your whole body is on strike.

Peppermint: When the road ahead is too curvy.

Peace and Calming II: Serenity now - does the name of this blend give you a hint??

Purification: Because my kids play sports.

RC: When spring comes rolling around and your body can't catch up.

Sensation: Because you need more fireworks in your life.

Tea Tree: Do you have skin? Because mine is dumb sometimes.

Thieves:  When the crayon went outside the lines.

Valor II: When you know you're walking into a meeting with the most intimidating person on the planet (or the principal). Also when you're giving a speech, taking your driver's test or trying out for the school play.

Sounds like a pretty typical day - right? Those little bottles of oil support you all day long, in all the things you and your family do. If any of these sound like things that come up in  your day-to-day, then there's an oil for that.

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catch you soon -
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  1. I need to get me some Valor!

  2. Love all of these ideas! So many great ways to use essential oils!

  3. Great ways to use your oils...I love how everyone is different and uses the oils for all sorts of things.

  4. I love my oils. I've been mixing some for my grandfather to use for gout.