Hillary Chybinski: Snow Days . . .An Evolution in Parenting

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Days . . .An Evolution in Parenting

The promise of a snow day. . .Will it? Won't it? How much? As a kid, I can remember how exciting it was to have school closed for snow. Spending the day with my mom (my dad always had to work), getting bundled up into snow clothes and just playing all day long. I am sure if I asked my former-teacher mother about those snow days, she would have different memories.

Parenting Through Snow Days

With my own kids there was a time, when they were babies and I worked for large companies outside of the home, that I would be panicked by a snow day. What if day care was closed? How was I going to get to work? Let's be honest, in the United States, we talk a good game about family values, bu very few companies (if any) truly support them. It was enough t o cause a sleepless night, a frantic white-knuckle drive and sometimes, a faked sick-day. A mother has to do what she has to do.

Then there was the looming day ahead . . . a day full of trying to entertain a toddler or pre-schooler. It's not easy, you will never hear me say that. In hindsight, I probably didn't take as much joy in those days as I should have. They were precious in my busy office-job life. 

These days, I work from home, so my commute is very short. I don't have to shovel out. If the kids are off from school, I can let them sleep in and plan a day of french toast (provided I went to the store for milk, bread and eggs), video games, puzzles and jaunts into the snow. Because my kids are older, there isn't even the hassle of helping them into and out of snow clothes - only the occasional snow pant tucking, or glove pulling.

Maybe it has more to do with me and my attitude . . .with age comes wisdom, right? And as we work at this parenting thing through the years, I like to think we get better at it. We learn to not sweat the small stuff - like a snow day - but save it for the big stuff, like learning to drive and first dates.

So today, I'm pouring another cup of coffee, comfy in my pajamas and re-evaluating my to-do list. I am sure there are several things that are really not mandatory for today and I can put off until tomorrow, when everyone is back at school, and order returns to my routine. For today, it's a snow day, and I many need to get out and play.

catch you soon -


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  2. We have about a foot here already and it's supposed to snow for another 24 hours. Gabe is driving me crazy to go play and sled. I've had to convince him that the snow needs to let up first.

  3. Besides the shoveling, I kind of love snow days. They are so quiet and cozy. Plus, it's nice to have the family all together in that environment too.