Hillary Chybinski: 3 Ways I'm Choosing Happiness Every Day {#ChoosingHappiness}

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

3 Ways I'm Choosing Happiness Every Day {#ChoosingHappiness}

Happiness is one of my favorite topics. And today I’m excited to be a Happiness Crusader and join over 100 women in spreading the message of #ChoosingHappiness to women around the world.

Today, bestselling publisher Linda Joy released Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness featuring the soul-inspiring stories of 27 amazing women who share their intimate stories of transformation.  I don't know about you, but reading how "real-life" women manage to choose happiness makes it see a little more attainable to me.
Choosing Happiness also includes Reflection Questions after each story which will empower you to integrate the vital lessons of each woman’s journey into your own life. Sort of like a build in Journal - isn't that fun? AND for a limited time, you can get over 40 transformational gifts with your copy of Choosing Happiness. You can grab your copy today: http://bit.ly/Happiness_Book


Why am I choosing to be a Happiness Crusader?  Well you may recall that my One Little Word for 2015 is JOY and this reflection on finding my own happiness, letting go and loving myself, is a great reminder to me to keep seeking joy. It's not easy. In fact, after only six weeks, I am finding that remembering to acknowledge and find the joy in life is hard. Like so many things - it takes practice and a conscious effort.

3 Ways I'm Choosing Happiness Every Day

1.  Turning off work after 9:30pm. That's reasonable right? By setting up office hours and blocking my work schedule each day, I am pledging to stop working at 9:30 each evening. That gives me time to spend with my husband after the kids are in bed, read and unwind from my day.

2.  Filling my home with uplifting scents.  Did you know that what you smell can really affect your mood? With a big nod to aromatherapy, I'm planning to diffuse some wonderfully uplifting essential oils during my work day and into the evenings with my family.

3.  Letting Go. This is a hard one for me. I tend to want to "solve" disagreements or problems at the time they are happening. What I am finding (particularly in raising a teenager) is that by letting it go for a bit, a better solution rises to the top and I feel better about the way I handled it in hindsight. 

Order ‘Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness’ today and receive thousands in bonus gifts from over 40 visionary women. Limited Time Only! http://bit.ly/Happiness_Book

#ChoosingHappiness Happiness Crusader Book Launch

I invite you to share how you choosing happiness moment in the comments below.

catch you soon -

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