Hillary Chybinski: The LG OLED is A Great Family Gift From Best Buy {#HintingSeason}

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The LG OLED is A Great Family Gift From Best Buy {#HintingSeason}

Do you do "Family Gifts"? I've never done this in the past, but I think it's a great idea and can be a really fun and festive way to get something big everyone in the family can enjoy, no matter what holiday your family celebrates. I'm teaming up with Best Buy to share a great Family Gift idea for the upcoming holiday season.

I've never been a big TV person, truth be told, I'd rather read a good book than watch TV any day. But the rest of my family enjoys TV and quite frankly, I've been toying with the idea of a larger screen with newer technology. Our go-to technology place has always been Best Buy. Best Buy has a great selection, all laid out there in the store. You can check out everything live and in person before you make a purchasing decision.

On a recent trip, we were checking out the TVs, and noticed the LG OLED TVs. What is OLED TV?? (That's exactly what I wanted to know!)

First of all, it is SO skinny!  The stunning design of LG OLED TV is only 0.21" (less than a quarter of an inch!) thick at its thinnest point. Secondly, the color is amazing! Picture quality is spectacular, with Infinite Contrast that ranges from the most blazing whites to the deepest blacks. And, LG's exclusive 4 Color Pixel technology delivers bright, vibrant colors. For even more specs and details, check out LGOLEDatBestBuy.com 

It really is amazing. Now I am old enough to remember when no one had cable TV. There were only three major networks, and some smaller, local channels. I had to get up to change the channel too.  But if you've looked at the latest technology in televisions, you know that the picture quality is simply amazing. Your first kiss. A baby's first steps. The majesty of a desert sunset. Some things in life defy all explanation and must be experienced to be believed. That's the case with LG's latest display technology. With deeper and richer colors, stunning contrast and ingeniously curved screens, it is unlike any technology you've ever seen, and it delivers a picture that exceeds your wildest imagination. (and you don't have to get up to change the channel!)

So I'm definitely adding this to my holiday wish list, I hope Santa thinks we've been good!

Will you have a Family Gift this holiday?

catch you soon -
The reviewer has been compensated for their time, in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card. As always, all opinions are my very own.


  1. My MIL will be buying a new TV soon and this looks so awesome we may have to buy new for us and give her ours? No, that wouldn't be right...would it?? #hintingseason ;-)

  2. The only family gift we've done was a trip to Disney World 5 years ago. This would make a great family gift! :)

  3. My son does all the technology buying for us and this sounds like one he will have to be looking into. Isn't it wild how much TV's have changed over the years and so thin now. Thanks for all the great info. Cathy

  4. My hubs is always on the look out for a bigger and better TV. He says we'll wait for awhile before we get the next one, but who knows when the right one with change his mind!

  5. We recently got a new tv and we love it! We'll probably be doing a bunch of Legos as a family gift!

  6. We're not quite due for a new TV, but I think my husband wants to pick up an XBOX of some sort for the family. :)

  7. I need a new TV. I will definitely look in to this brand. I love how thin it is. Maybe the cat won't try to sleep on it lol