Hillary Chybinski: Fall Home Tour 2014

Friday, October 03, 2014

Fall Home Tour 2014

Simple and Casual Fall Decorating and DIY Ideas

Better late than never - right? I love to decorate my house for fall. Fall is my favorite season and I like to go "all out" in my home decor, but still keep is simple and casual. I actually do three layers of fall decorating.

The basic pieces are going to be up from October 1st (or earlier) until Thanksgiving Day. Then I add in "Halloween" pieces, like ghosts, jack-o-lanterns and my Trick or Treat Banner the week before Halloween. Those things come down the day after Halloween, and I put up some Turkeys and Corn that I have.

One of my favorite ways to decorate is with real pumpkins and gourds. These are pretty inexpensive and easy to find. As soon as they come out, I start buying a few each trip. I like white and traditional orange pumpkins the most, and they all need to have a nice stem. Owen collected a bunch of acorns on a recent outing to a local state park. I put them all in a Dollar Store glass vase, and wrapped some twine around the neck.  Another example of inexpensive and easy fall decorating.

Fall Mantle Decor

My parents have a flock of turkeys that live in the field behind their house, so the kids find a lot of turkey feathers in their yard. We collect them, and display them in my grandmother's iron stone pitchers.

Fall Mantle Decor

Last year, we took a family trip to the Corning Glass Museum, and Ryan made a blown glass pumpkin. I bought one from one of their glass blowers as well, and these are a great addition to my pumpkins - they can really catch the light on a sunny day. Those are lentils in my votive candle holders. Coffee beans add a nice rich brown color also.

You can find some great free holiday printables on the web. One of my favorites is subway art. Each season, I find one to put in this frame. I've also collected small ceramic pumpkins from the Dollar Store over the years, and I spread these around on the mantle, tables and book shelves.

Fall Subway Art

Outside, I use a combination of real and fake pumpkins and mums around my front porch and walkway.  As much as I dislike using fake pumpkins, the real ones sometimes rot before the season is over OR the squirrels eat them. On Halloween night, I add luminaries and jack-o-lanterns for a spooky touch.

Fall Outdoor Decor

So there's a quick Fall Home Decor Tour of my home. I like to keep it simple with traditional colors and objects.  I'm planning to add some touches of burlap, so I'll keep you posted on any updates! I may even try covering my own pillows!

What are your favorite ways to decorate for Fall?

catch you soon -


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