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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Play it Again | What I Wore #ootd

Remember when I mentioned that many people only wear 20% of their wardrobe? If that's the case, then we are duplicating our favorite fashions time and time again. It simplifies things, but how much is too much for a favorite look?

For me, much of the decision making in duplicating an outfit, is who I will see. That can also mean, who will see me (via social media pictures and in person). If we see each other three times a year and I am wearing the same casual blouse with my jeans, that's just not good - no matter how good it may look on me.

Part of developing your own sense of style, is variety and presenting that variety in your outfit choices. For instance - here's a skirt I wore earlier this week for client meetings (I've had it for years). Typically, I wear it with a black t-shirt and black sandals, but I changed it up a little to freshen the look.
Mid-Life Mom Style - Pink Print Skirt and T-shirt

Skirt - classiques entier (Nordstrom)
Shirt - Lands End
Sandals - Target
Bag - Kate Spade
Necklace - Ann Taylor
Earrings - Stella and Dot
Bracelets - Tiffany, Alex and Ani,

With the AC on it was chilly, so I added a plain black cardi from Lands End and for my second meeting, changed into a black sandal with a small heel. Changes don't have to be huge to subtly change the whole "look", even with a noticeable piece, like this pink print skirt. 

How do you change up and style your favorite pieces to avoid outfit burnout?

catch you soon -
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  1. Those look great in that.

    1. Dear anonymous you are out of line. Please stop.

  2. That's why it's called a uniform, right? It wears so easily!

    1. Yes ma'am . . .that's what sparked the post . . .and then a friend and I were talking about using Facebook to see when we last wore an outfit. . .pretty crazy stuff - LOL