Hillary Chybinski: Practical Tips for Finding the Right Hair Stylist

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Practical Tips for Finding the Right Hair Stylist

Hair. Many of us have it in one form or another - straight, curly, thick or thin, and dealing with it is part of our daily beauty routine. We can make our hair easier to manage by finding the right hair stylist, but how do we do that?

How-To Find the Right Hair Stylist

Honestly, one of the easiest ways I've found to find a new hair stylist is to ask women with hair you love. Even if it's a stranger - ask that lady in line ahead of you in Starbucks, "Excuse me, I love your hair - do you mind if I ask who your stylist is??" Most likely, she will be flattered and happy to share.

Another great way to find the right stylist is to visit area salons and talk to stylists. This may be a bit of challenge, but many salons have consultation appointments available for a minimal fee (if any). If they don't have consultations, book a blow-out rather than a cut. A good stylist will ask about your time commitments for your hair as well as your level of comfort with products and tools.

When you've found a stylist you want to try, book an appointment and bring some pictures. Pinterest can be a great place to find hair styles and ideas that you like. But be sure to talk about what your hair is REALLY like and will realistically do. A good stylist will not tell you that you can have long full curls if you can't. 

A hair stylist/client bond, can be a long-term commitment and a real win for both the stylist and the client. Like any great relationship, you need good communication. But finding a new stylist can be scary. I recently had the opportunity to visit Salon L, a local salon and talk with their stylists. I even had the opportunity to speak with the owner and get a feel for his philosophy. I happened to introduce myself and speak with one of the stylists, Michele, and we hit it off. She seemed to understand me and my hair, so I jumped in and scheduled an appointment.

How-To Find the Right Hair Stylist : Hair Cut Before and After

It had been almost a year since my last haircut, and the change in how healthy my hair looked, was amazing. Before taking out her scissors, Michelle asked me a lot of questions about what I wanted my hair to do, what it's done in the past and how it behaves. I didn't get a radical style change, my previous stylist did a great job, just shortening the length, thinning out my thick hair and some other style tweaks.

Finding a new hair stylist can be a daunting and sometimes scary thing. But put a little time and thought into it, and you'll end up with results you love! What are some of your tips for finding the right hair stylist?

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