Hillary Chybinski: Menu Plan Monday - 2014 Week 15

Monday, April 07, 2014

Menu Plan Monday - 2014 Week 15

I've recently joined an accountability group (#FitPowerClub if you want to follow along) to help me keep my healthy living goals I've made for this year. As part of this group, we have access to a Jillian Michaels 30-Day Meal Plan and I'm using some of the recipes included in the plan for organizing my weekly meal plan for myself and my family this week.

Since I work at home - eating lunch can be a real challenge and some of her ideas, such as a Turkey and Avocado Wrap and Hummus and Vegetable Pita, will help me eat a healthy lunch, and have the items I need on hand. I am also including her Roasted Salmon this week for dinner (Tuesday) and her Honey-Lemon Marinated Chicken (Thursday).

I'm looking forward to including some of her other ideas in our weekly meal plans, like Mahi Mahi Tacos and BBQ Chicken and Black Bean Burritos. As a group, we're using the MyFitnessPal App to track our meals and keep accountable to ourselves and the group. It can be eye-opening to see what you're actually eating in a day, and also can be easier to make healthy adjustments when you see it all laid out for you.

Here's what we have on our plan for this week:

Monday - Quick Dinner (LAX Practice and Band Practice)
Tuesday- Roasted Salmon, Quinoa, Brussel Sprouts
Wednesday- Quick Dinner/Pasta (LAX Practice and Baseball Practice)
Thursday - Honey-Lemon Marinated Chicken Thighs, Baked Potatoes, Broccoli
Friday - Pizza Night
Saturday and Sunday - TBD

What's for dinner at your house this week? Do you have a favorite healthy meal?

catch you soon -
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