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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Project Life - My Process for 2014

Last year, I only made it through about 6 months of Project Life. As with so many things, I think I over-thought it. This year, I am taking a few steps back, making some changes, and hopefully completing all 52 weeks.

If you don't know what Project Life is, it's a memory keeping process created by Becky Higgins. The intent is to make recording your life as easy as possible, with whatever level of "difficulty" or creative genius you want to bring. This will be my third (and hopefully most successful) year.

My first change for 2014, is having my weeks run from Monday through Sunday. The calendar I am using as an Editorial Calendar and to-do list for life and work, records the week numbers (making keeping track easier). I'm contemplating making a consistent week card for all 52 weeks to cut down on my creativity block.

My second change is only using my stash and the Studio Calico Project Life Kits. While I love ALL of the kits that Becky Higgins has for this project, I get easily "overloaded" with too many choices and then I can't move forward. Or I get "stuck" with tunnel vision and can't be creative at all. I still have quite a selection of supplies from last year (thanks to my Studio Calico subscription), so I'll be using them where I can going forward.

Here are some process steps I am planning to take:
  • I'm going to try and record notes along the way on 3x4 journaling cards.
  • I'm going to try and work on the weekends, completing the previous week's layout.
Since I no longer have a craft room, my dedicated space is my beloved Ikea Raskog cart. I'm planning to set up the Studio Calico cards in the middle tray, since I have outgrown my Project Life boxes with unused items. Perhaps some thin storage boxes will fit in there.

So my Project Life week officially started yesterday. . .and I can already see that taking enough pictures is going to be a stumbling block - I forget. Thinking ahead to my page protectors, I can fit a landscape and a portrait picture for each day - so that's 14 pictures a day for a picture-heavy layout. This has also been a stumbling block in the past, I get a week with no pictures and it stops me cold. This year, I am trying to anticipate that ahead of time.

Are you participating in Project Life? What's your process look like? I'm planning on checking in once a month with a re-cap and update.

catch you soon -

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