Hillary Chybinski: Holiday Memories

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Holiday Memories

The holidays are full of memories. I had a wonderful holiday childhood full of traditional family gatherings. My favorite of all of those was Christmas Morning at my grandparents. My brother and I would wake up and have our own awesome Christmas morning at our house (we must have been really GOOD every year). Then we would head next door to my grandparents house, in our pajamas and have Christmas morning there too. And a huge breakfast, that everyone would cook together. After that, we would go home, play with our toys, get dressed and head back over to my grandparents for a big dinner. It was a huge day and one of my most favorite memories from my childhood.

I hope that I'm making great memories for my own kids during the holidays!

A Favorite Holiday Memory and How Our Family Spends Christmas Eve

What's your favorite holiday memory?

catch you soon -

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