Hillary Chybinski: Searching For the Fountain of Youth - Tips to Keep Your Skin Young-Looking

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Searching For the Fountain of Youth - Tips to Keep Your Skin Young-Looking

Tips for Keeping Your Skin Youthful | My Scraps

Every time you pick up a magazine, there's an ad for an anti-aging serum or cream claiming to make you look 10 years younger.  And seriously, unless you're 20, who doesn't want to look 10 years younger? But do they work? What is the secret to younger looking skin?

There are thousands of products out there, from department stores and drugstores to your favorite online or television shopping outlet. How do you choose? What about a procedure, like botox or a peel? All I can say is do your research before you try anything. I love to go to my favorite cosmetics counter and let them tell me about skincare and sample their products. I have found some great new things that way.

While much of how your skin ages has to do with your genes, there are some things I believe you can do to make what you were born with, look its best. Here are my best tips to maintain a youthful look:
  • Stay out of the sun, and use sunscreen.
  • Hydrate from the inside and make sure you drink plenty of water.
  • Never go to bed with a dirty face.
  • Treat your neck like you do your face.
What products you choose to use, are dependent on what works for your lifestyle and your skin type. I have just changed up to a creamier moisturizer for the colder and drier fall and winter months. I am currently using a mix of brands to meet my cleansing, toning, correcting and moisturizing needs, but you can stick with products from one line if they meet your needs.

What's your best skincare tip or product?

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  1. Simple to follow, great tips Hillary!
    Olay Regenerist is my favorite line of anti aging skin products. Great prices at Costco.

  2. Thanks! I attribute my few wrinkles to use of sunscreen and Retinol found in RoC Skincare products.

  3. Good skin does keep us young. I'm lucky to have it genetically but I also care for it well---I swear by Lancome's serum, Genifique

  4. Treat your cleavage like you treat your neck and face. Trust me.

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