Hillary Chybinski: DIY Easy Turkey Place Cards for Your Thanksgiving Table

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DIY Easy Turkey Place Cards for Your Thanksgiving Table

I was flipping through the latest Paper Source catalog, and Owen saw this beautiful Thanksgiving table scape with adorable turkey place cards. He asked if we could make some, so I ripped out the page and said, "probably". Who doesn't love a good craft challenge?

DIY Turkey Place Cards for Thanksgiving
Since Thanksgiving is this week, we sat down on Saturday and got to work on our turkey place cards. I used all materials I had on-hand in my crafting stash, so this was a budget-friendly craft as well.

What you will need:
  • Dark Brown Cardstock
  • Two Colors of Cardstock (we chose yellow and orange)
  • Orange Cardstock (for the beak and feet)
  • Google Eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
What you will do:

To make our turkey bodies, I used a scalloped edge paper punch. You can also trace circles on dark brown cardstock and cut them out.

Brown Circle Punches for DIY Turkey Place Cards | My Scraps
To make tail feathers, I used a chipboard oval that I had in my stash and traced it on yellow and orange cardstock. You can also free-hand these and make them any shape you's like.

Make the feathers for DIY Turkey Place Cards | My Scraps

To make the beaks, I cut a small rectangle of orange cardstock, then cut small triangles from that.

To make the feet, I used a small heart-shaped paper punch and turned them point-side up. Again, you can free-hand.
Assemble the pieces for DIY Turkey Place Cards | My Scraps

Now that you have all your pieces, you can assemble your turkeys. I laid out 4 tail feathers, alternating orange and yellow. I used white school glue on the bottom corner, and fanned them all together then stuck my dark brown turkey body on top.

DIY Turkey Place Cards | My Scraps

DIY Turkey Place Cards | My Scraps

Attach the eyes, beak and feet with glue and let your turkeys dry.

Once the turkeys are dry, you can attach them to pre-cut place cards, or make some out of white or colored cardstock.  Write your guest's names in silver, gold or black ink - and you're done.

Make the place cards for DIY Turkey Place Cards | My Scraps

Since it's all paper, it's a great craft for a child to put together - they can use white school glue and have a lot of fun. Owen is very excited to bring these down to Mimi and Pop-pop's for our Thanksgiving feast.
DIY Turkey Place Cards Thanksgiving Tablescape

Are you putting anything special on your Thanksgiving table this year?

catch you soon -


  1. Those are so cute! So easy and festive.

  2. How cute and fun for the kids!!

  3. I'm lucky if I get FOOD on the table this year. This is adorable!