Hillary Chybinski: Menu Plan Monday - 2013 Week 43

Monday, October 21, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - 2013 Week 43

Are you a Pinterest fan? Probably a silly question, but if you are anything like me, you use a Pinterest board (or five) to keep track of recipes and meal ideas you want to try. I'm still working on a way to better organize them, and am considering separating them into category boards. How do you arrange yours?

This week's meal plan uses two new recipes from my Pinterest Boards, so I'll be sure to report on how we like them. I am also defrosting a recipe that I made a few months ago. Here's what's on our plan this week:

Monday - Baked Chicken Dinner
Tuesday - Taco Tuesday with Guacamole and Corn
Wednesday - Light Meatball Soup (defrosted) Rolls and Salad
Thursday - Parmesan Baked Talapia, Brussel Sprouts and Sweet Potato Fries
Friday - Pizza Night
Saturday and Sunday - TBD

If you make a recipe, and find it's not a good fit for your family, do you delete it from your Pin Board, or let it stay up there for shares?

This menu plan is linked up at I'm an Organizing Junkie. Check it out for additional ideas and inspiration or to link up your own meal plan.

catch you soon -

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  1. Deleting it from my pin board would probably be the best idea, but I can't say that I do it! Haha. I have on occasion made a recipe and then remembered, "Oh yeah, I made this once before and it wasn't that great." I do try to move recipes that I love onto a board I made called "Recipe Rockstars" so that I know they turned out well, but honestly I don't always remember. Maybe I should go do that now! :-)