Hillary Chybinski: Don't Have Straight Hair? My Favorite Tools to Fake It.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Don't Have Straight Hair? My Favorite Tools to Fake It.

Straight Hair Tips

I am one of those girls. . .I don't have curly hair . . .I don't have straight hair. . .it's sort of. . .well. . .wavy.


In the past, I have been known to stick as many heat rollers as I can fit on my head and go for that big bouncy curl 80's/Jersey Girl look. It's fun and it's easy, as my hair holds a curl well.

But then I get tired of that, and I try for a more straight look.  I've read all the posts and tips on blow drying and flat ironing and thought I had it down to a science (or at least as good as it was gonna get). Until I was the lucky winner of some Sarah Potema products at the recent Fall Fashion Forward conference.
Using a Flat Iron to get Straight Hair

WOW - what a difference the right (or better) tools can make. Her Paddle Brush and Titanium Flat Iron have taken every bend out of my hair and I am in love. They are well made and easy to manage. Plus, Sarah shares a LOT of tips, tricks and trends on her social media channels. (a girl can never have too many beauty tricks up her sleeve - right?)

So if you are struggling with your current hair style desire - I say try a different tool. Borrow a friend's flat iron if you can't make the investment right now. Ask stylists (online too) for advice and recommendations. I switched to a paddle brush for drying after a recent discussion on Instagram with TRESemme. You never know what you may learn.

What's your Up-to-the-Minute Fall Hairstyle?

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catch you soon -

disclosure - I was the lucky winner of these fabulous items. I was not compensated for my time or to write this post, I share because I love (and I want you to have great hair). All opinions are, as always my very own.


  1. fancy!!! You do always have great hair. What do you put in after you straighten in?

  2. I love your hair! I have stick straight hair which is probably a good thing because I am so totally hair product and hair tool challenged! Though it does mean I have to get my hair cut every six weeks!