Hillary Chybinski: #vlogmom | Favorite Theme Park

Thursday, July 25, 2013

#vlogmom | Favorite Theme Park

This week's #vlogmom prompt is from Jenn over at Mommy B Knows Best. Jenn asked us:

"What is your favorite theme park, and why?"

And here's what I had to say. . .

How about you? Are you a theme park fan? What's your favorite?

catch you soon -


  1. wow! You've been to a lot of parks! Go check out Knoebels.

  2. Hooray for theme park fans!!! I love the way you talk about Disney and would love to ride rides with you!!

  3. Ah man. I want to go to Disney so badly. I went when I was 2, and I only have weird distant memories! Can't wait 'til the kids are able to go!