Hillary Chybinski: How-To: Create a Thankful Banner

Friday, November 09, 2012

How-To: Create a Thankful Banner

Just in time for Thanksgiving. . .here's instructions on making a festive Thankful banner to hang in your house.

How To Create a Thankful Banner | My Scraps

Here's what you will need:
  • 4 pieces of 12x12 Fall or Thanksgiving printed paper or cardstock
  • 1 Piece of coordinating cardstock
  • Letter Stickers
  • Ribbon
  • A Paper Punch (you can also just cut circles)
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Adhesive
  • Ink (optional)
Once you have your supplies assembled, follow these easy steps (it takes about an hour):

Cut your 4 pieces of printed paper into equal 6x6 squares - you will have 16 squares in total, 4 of each pattern.

Thankful Banner Paper Trimmimg

Once you have your 16 squares, cut on the diagonal from each top corner, to form a triangle with a 6 inch top flat edge. (I give the extra pieces to my kids - they have a box of "shapes" to use for projects)

Thankful Banner Paper Trimming

Once you have your 16 triangles (you can adjust this to suit your space - 16 works on my mantle) Pick a solid color cardstock to use to mount your letters. (I went with the green)

Thankful Banner Fall Paper

I used a scalloped edge paper punch to cut my circles.  Use what you have & keep it simple.  Cut a circle for each letter.  I also inked the edges of mine for a little depth.

Thankful Banner Emblems

Arrange your triangles into your desired pattern and attach the circles to the ones you want your letters on.
Thankful Banner Lettering

Stick on the Letters (check your spelling! =) )

Thankful Banner Lettering

Next, you are going to punch a small hole in each upper corner.

Thankful Banner Ribbons

Cut ribbon to the desired length. . .I cut it about 5 inches, and have the corners overlap. Tie a knot to connect each triangle.

Thankful Banner Connected with Ribbon

That's all there is to it.  Now you can hang it on a mantle, over a door frame, or on a wall above your dining room table.  I used a little embroidery thread on the two end hole to hang it.

Thanksful Banner for a Fall Mantle

catch you soon -


  1. I love this banner Hillary. Thanks so much for sharing it! And...it looks gorgeous hanging over your fireplace!

  2. Your mantle is adorable. The banner was the perfect addition :). Thanks for the tutorial!