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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

American Education Week

This week, our school district is celebrating American Education Week in each of our schools.  Each school; both elementary schools, the middle and high school, have various programs planned, as well as school spirit activities.

This morning parents (guardians, aunts, grand-parents, etc) were invited to have breakfast with their Kindergartners, and then visit the classroom, for a glimpse into their morning routine.  I've forgotten how exciting kindergarten is.  It was fun to stand with Owen this morning, waiting in line for his mini bagel, and seeing his friends say hi and wave.  Having the opportunity to meet parents I haven't yet met.

After breakfast, we made our way up to Owen's classroom.  Kindergarten classrooms are such happy places.  Full of shiny eager faces and bright colors.  Word walls, and number lines fill the spaces around the smart board (no longer a blackboard in many classrooms).

This is public education at it's best.  A caring teacher, surrounded by eager students waiting to share information.  I am always amazed at how much material they cover so quickly in the morning.  How much knowledge is shared in simply looking at the calendar and the weather.  Owen's teacher has jobs for every child in the classroom, teaching them responsibility and giving them each a chance to participate. 

This week, Owen is the Star of the Week.  While I was there, he got to sit in a special chair during morning circle time.  There is no price for the pride on his little face.  Looking around the hallways and the classrooms, I can see that they have discussed things they are thankful for, as well as what they would do if they were the principal of their school.

Many would agree that that our public education system is broken.  There are many days when I agree with that statement as well.  But this morning, in that that classroom, everything was just perfect.

Do your schools participate in American Education Week?

catch you soon -

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