Hillary Chybinski: #vlogmom | Spectator Sport

Thursday, October 11, 2012

#vlogmom | Spectator Sport

This week's #vlogmom prompt is from Tina over at MadHatterMom.  Tina asked us, "Do your kids play sports? Are you a quiet spectator or do the people int he next county hear you scream for your kid?"

My answer may surprise you. . .

catch you soon -


  1. I admit to be the crazy mom on the sideline.. however I draw the line at no shirt ;)

  2. You are too cute. Wow. I totally would have pegged you as the screaming sports fan. haha. right...

  3. Ha! I don't understand sports either. "Do their best and have a good time." Perfect.

  4. Maybe I'll leave my shirt on next time. That's why I got all those crazy looks. Dang it. Ha. I'm somewhat rowdy, but I tone it down for our current extracurricular, Taekwondo.