Hillary Chybinski: How-To : Start a Fitness Plan with the FitBit

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How-To : Start a Fitness Plan with the FitBit

It's right up there on my FitBit Dashboard. . .the day I started using it. . .December 31, 2010.

Since that day, I have taken over 4 million steps. . .that's right 4 MILLION

Do you ever wonder how many steps you take each day? Curious about how active you REALLY are when those last few pounds just won't come off?

A FitBit can help you.  It's a small device that accurately counts your steps while you are wearing it.

Get Healthy and Start a Fitness Plan Using a FitBit

But it's SO MUCH MORE.  I am not using half the features, but have vowed to get back on the wagon this month.  I have an older model. . .but the new model even counts the flights of stairs you take each day.

It's small, and easy to wear.  Have a pair of 5-pockets? It slips into that little bitty pocket on your right hip.  I confess that I tuck mine into my bra. It stays in place and records all day.  I had trouble wearing it on my waist - but John does it (using the little clip) with no troubles.

A FitBit is a great gadget to help keep you motivated

Ever wonder about the sleep you're getting? (or not getting) The FitBit can track that for you too. . .you slip it into a little wristband on your non-dominate hand, and push the button to start.

A FitBit One can monitor your sleep patterns to help keep you healthy

Stop it when you wake up and you can see how your sleep was.  For instance, last night my sleep looked like this:
FitBit can monitor your sleep patterns

There is a food log, a water log and an activity log that I am vowing to use more!  It all works wirelessly with your computer.  There's also an App for tracking on the go.

So if your goal is to get moving more. . .this may be just the thing you are looking for.  I'm back up to about 7,000 steps a day with walking to the bus stop. . .but I need to get to 10,000 a day.

Who's with me?

catch you soon -

note - I did not receive any compensation for this post.  I am a longtime FitBit user and fan.


  1. I just got a fitbit last week! though I have not experimented at all with the online components. It has been a great motivator especially since much of the day I am sitting at my computer!

    1. Cool we'll have to be friends! I REALLY need to use more of the awesome features!


  2. I love my fit bit it is a huge part of my workout routine and thanks for introduce me to it.

    1. Anytime - so glad you find it helpful - it TRULY is a good way to stay inspired.


  3. I JUST NOW set up my fitbit! I am so excited!