Hillary Chybinski: How-To: Find a Pair of Jeans That Fit

Friday, September 28, 2012

How-To: Find a Pair of Jeans That Fit

In my mind, Fall means jeans.  And I don't know about you, but I am finding that a well-fitting pair of jeans is almost as difficult to find as a bathing suit.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a Lee Jeans Style Party, hosted by Whitney from Mommies With Style and Melissa from All Things Chic.  Prior to this party, if you had said Lee Jeans to me, I would have pictured the faded spade-pocket pairs from the 80s.

Lee Style Party

Boy was I wrong! When I walked into the party, there was a rack filled with dark denim, straight legged, skinny and boot-cut styles.

So finding stylish jeans isn't a problem. . .almost every store carries current style jeans.  The trick, is finding a pair that fits.  Well Lee Jeans was nice enough to send two style-conscious and fit-finding reps to help each of the ladies invited find their perfect pair.  The reps also gave us all a handy little cheat sheet to help us find our fit.

Lee Style Party - Finding your perfect fit

We took turns trying on a variety of jeans - I admit, I loved when the rep told me the pair I had on (and the size I've been buying) were too big.  Then walked down the orange carpet to check out how they looked and felt.

Great Fitting Lee Jeans

After trying on three pairs, I ended up in love with a pair of Shapetastic, straight leg jeans.

Lee Jeans

The Lee Jeans company has been around since 1889. . .evolving as consumer needs and market trends changed.  You can find affordable AND stylish Lee Jeans at JCPenny, Sears and Khols.

Rear View - Lee Jeans

Where did you buy your last pair of favorite jeans?

catch you soon -

note - I received a pair of Lee jeans for attending the party.  I was not compensated for this post, and as always all opinions are my very own.


  1. I think I tend to buy my pants too baggy. I love the Lees because they do fit well. It's hard to find pants that don't gap in the back.

  2. I love a good fitting pair of jeans. So jealous I didn't get that invite lol. Great post! checking out Lee once I hit my weight goal!

  3. They look fabulous on you!!! Thin legs and good butt ;)!!!

  4. I do like Lee Jeans, love the new style, haven't seen those yet! great fit for you!

  5. Wow, they look great! I love them. It is really hard to find a pair that fits nicely. The ones I have that, I wear until they are DONE, so I'll remember to look for these. (BTW, I think you mean Kohls?)

  6. Lee jeans is PERFECTION. i had a problem and they sent me SEVERAL new pair to try on in my new size. I LOVE THEM ALL!!

  7. they look great on you!!!
    I love the fit of there jearns.