Hillary Chybinski: Type A Parent Conference - Finding my Roots

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Type A Parent Conference - Finding my Roots

When I told John the name of the conference, he asked, "So you're going to spend time with your people?"

At the time I didn't know how very right he was. . .now with my very first blogger conference in my rearview mirror, I know that they are indeed "my people".

Mostly women (a few men were present - some bloggers, some sponsors), who spend all or part of their life writing online.  The Type-A page says that the "Type A Parent Conference . . . is designed to help social media/blogging parents and the companies who want to connect with them, take it to the next level."

Sort of like speed dating.

So what did I do there? First and foremost I got to meet women whose writing and style and drive I admire, in real life.  I not only got to meet them, I got to room with them, eat with them, drink coffee and Brain-tini's  and walk all over Charlotte with them.

The Type-A schedule is jam-packed with informative sessions.  In fact, on more than one occasion, I found myself wishing I could sit in on two or three sessions happening at the same time.

I learned about ranking, I learned about telling a story, I learned that I am not doing NEARLY enough with Google+, I learned new things about vlogging, I learned about pitching and the art of pitch-back, I learned about using Pinterest, I learned about improving my blog design and I was reminded, that ALL of it, is about my written words.

My story.

Why did I start a blog? Well, I started my blog as an online extension of my scrapbook hobby, a place to record memories.

I've always had a flair for the dramatic, and very quickly, if I look back at those 2005 posts, my blog became a place for me to share what was on my mind and happening in my life.  Good things, not so good things, things and places I loved, milestones and achievements.

What Type-A has helped me realize is that none of that has really changed. . .it's evolved.  My blog is the platform I am using to create this new career for myself that involves me as a Social Media Consultant, Brand Ambassador, Blogger Outreach Coordinator . . .and more roles involving new media.  I thrive on the connections. . .they make me happy (though sadly not rich - yet).

I had the chance at Type-A to meet with some wonderful people from some amazing brands. . .embracing a new way of reaching their customers.  Brands interested in sharing their STORY. . .not just their product.  Brands and companies that want to give their customers an experience, rather than just a broom.  How wonderful is it that those brands that make things I LOVE - may want me to speak on their behalf, as an ambassador, reviewer or something else? It's an honor.

This was the first time I have traveled (airplane) by myself in over 11 years.  The world and I have changed a great deal in those 11 years.  Type-A introduced me to this person I am becoming, and it made it okay that I'm becoming her.  I am so lucky to have the support of my family behind me, there is very little grumbling even though we've made many sacrifices and lifestyle changes to accommodate this new me. 

Kelby and Type-A taught me that I'm not alone.  There is a whole group of women (and men) finding a better way and paving new ground. . .and it all starts with the words they are writing.

What's the best blog post you've read lately? What was it that made it SO good?

catch you soon -


  1. Beautiful. Just beautiful. So happy we saw you right away at the airport. Was wonderful to see your face.... delighted you are 'finding you'. xoxo

    1. Thank you SO much - you will never know what an oasis you and Aliza were to me in the airport. . .my anxiety was at an all-time high, and just seeing 2 friendly faces made it all ok.