Hillary Chybinski: Some Fun New Toys - The Happy Napper and Best Flower Buds

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Some Fun New Toys - The Happy Napper and Best Flower Buds

I am sure you have heard the song. . .

Happy. . .Happy Nappers. . .

I don't know about your kids - but my little guy loves that song.  So imagine his delight when a Happy Napper showed up for us to review.  We received the Penguin, which happens to be Owen's favorite, from Jay at Play.

What makes the Happy Napper so unique, is that it is both a pillow (for nap time or TV watching) AND a plush friend too!  It changes in seconds, and young children can make the change themselves.

The Happy Napper

Cute Penguin Happy Napper

It's a great toy for traveling!  Owen loves cuddling up with his.

Kids love the Happy Napper, it's great for travel

Another adorable plush toy from Jay at Play, is the Best Flower Buds.  Even though I have two boys, they loved changing this little doll from a flower pot into a doll and back again.   There are six different Buds to pop-n-flip and they are recommended for ages 3 and up.

Cute plush toy for girls

Cute plush toy for kids

These would make adorable favors for a little girls' tea party or garden party. Right now, I like having her hang out with me in my office.
catch you soon -

note - we received a Happy Napper and a Best Flower Bud to review - we were not compensated.  As always, all opinions are my very own (and my children's where applicable).

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