Hillary Chybinski: How-To: Plant a Garden

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How-To: Plant a Garden

Growing a garden seems like such a simple thing. For the last several years, we have had a small garden.  Mostly a place for the kids to mess around, and with some love and luck, harvest a few vegetables for our table.

This year, I got the kids out early to get the bed ready.  We use a 3' x 3' raised bed - filled with dirt from the garden center.  Over the winter, I add some egg shells and coffee grinds to the dirt.

Get Your Raised Bed Ready

We started with a lettuce mix and for the first time are trying our hand at peas.

It's always exciting when the shoots first break through the dirt, and you are sure the birds and squirrels didn't eat them all.

Sees will start to sprout after only a few days

Lettuce and peas don't take long - once they break ground, I put up some fencing as our groundhog family - LOVES lettuce.

Protect your garden from critters and provide space for your plants to grow

We harvested our first batch of lettuce about a week ago - and are anxiously waiting for our peas.

Start with some easy and quick growing plants, like lettuce, peas and beans.

How-To: Plant a Garden

We have a Lima Bean plant from Owen's pre-K that we are going to plant, and I'd like to pick a up a couple tomatoes and a pepper plant this weekend.  I dream of a big garden full of vegetables. . .but I know my limits.  =)

I keep a large pot of herbs on the back patio near my back door for cooking.  I need to replenish my basil, but all my other herbs wintered over from last year.

Do you garden? What do you like to grow?

catch you soon -


  1. Looks great!!!

  2. Looks great, the boys must be proud, The size looks manageable. You are inspiring me. Also if you find me sitting in your garden eating.. dont' be alarmed

  3. Looks wonderful! I'm so happy we don't have groundhogs in our yard. My sister does, and she puts up a wire fence like yours.

    1. omg these groundhogs are killing me. . .I did a series of pictures last year - she gathered my caution tape up for her nest - twice! It's a riot. . .and the babies are adorable! It's a good thing we aren't trying to live off this garden - LOL


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