Hillary Chybinski: How-To: Create an Art Supply Stash

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How-To: Create an Art Supply Stash

If you are parent, then you probably have a supply of paints, glue and crayons around your house.  I set all mine up on an unused shelf a few years ago.

More recently, our projects have gotten more extravagant, and I've found that I need a wider variety of items.  Rather than scramble when a note comes home from school that they need an egg carton. . .I now keep a small stash of re-useable items.

Some ideas are:  egg cartons, ribbons, kraft paper, cool shaped boxes and tins, paper towel rolls. . .the list is as endless as your kid's imaginations.

Here are the steps to put your stash together:

1.  Collect items that can be re-purposed (egg cartons, paper towel rolls, pizza boxes, etc)
2.  Clean them, dry them out or anything else necessary to store them.
3.  Put them in one place, where they are safe from elements and easy to find.

Currently, I'm keeping my stash in a paper bag, but I'm planning to move it into a plastic storage bin for safer keeping.

On the next rainy day, take out your supplies and encourage your kids to create something spectacular!

catch you soon -

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