Hillary Chybinski: Project Life 2012 . . .Week 10

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Project Life 2012 . . .Week 10

Already at the week 10 point in project life. . .that's 70 days into 2012 already.

For this week. . .I tried a few new things. . .there were 2 major stories for the week - my overnight girls trip to the beach and Owen's trip to the Emergency Room.  I wanted to highlight these 2 things, first, because they were important to me and to my family.  And secondly - I had a lot of pictures of both events, and not many for the rest of the week.

I used a 4x6 foldable journaling card to document Owen's trip to the ER.  I also included his wrist band.  It took me the entire card to write up our adventure.

I cut a 3x4 journaling card in half lengthwise and attached one half to the end of one of my pictures.  I am planning to get some of the Martha Stewart Lables to use this way - but so far my Staples isn't carrying them.

I did a week in review card, but only highlighting stuff that happened.  I wasn't sure I'd like it, because it seems a little incomplete. . .but it works.

So I think I've hit a new level with my documentation and I'm feeling pretty good about it - I'm trying harder not to ignore the reminders from my Day One App too.

How are your weeks coming along? Do you put journaling for EVERY picture?

catch you soon -

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