Hillary Chybinski: Project Life 2012 - Week #5

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week #5

So this update should include Week #6 too. . .but I've fallen a week behind.

Here's the thing I've learned about falling behind. . .it's hard to catch back up.  For me, once that momentum is lost. . .I might just give up.  And I love this project too much to give up. . .so I'm plugging along.

Here is Week #5 - I did much better in the journaling/storytelling aspect.  I also tucked in some great ephemera - like Owen's drawings and notes that John wrote to the boys.

I realized that I need to get decorative labels or journaling spots to add right on top of my photos.

This week I did NOT include a list of what we did each day. . .I forgot. . .and I think it's okay if I have more to say about what we did.

I have many OCD and Type-A tendencies. . .I am trying to just be free and creative with this project. . .let it take on a life of it's own.

I think I'm growing with the process each week. . .right now keeping up is my biggest struggle.

How are you finding yourself 6 weeks into the project? If you haven't started, it's not too late - start today!

catch you soon -


  1. I am 2 weeks behind! And I'm ok with it. As long as I still keep my notes and things plugged in my phone. I also thought about just doing one side per week to catch up. Looking through my stuff it's becoming a better idea. Visiting from instagram :)

  2. That's a great idea Jenny - and thanks for visiting!