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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Local Hot Spot. . .Lens Friends

About a week ago, I got the opportunity to hang out with Kara and Rick and some other bloggers over at Lens Friends in Huntingdon Valley.

I had not heard of Lens Friends and their unique approach to photography.  It's essentially a DIY Photo Studio.  You use their equipment and props to take pictures of your (insert any noun here - kids, pet, husband, BFF, etc).

First of all, their location is in this adorable village of boutiques, and their photo studio has wonderful natural light that pours into their space.  Secondly, Rick and Kara are so nice and helpful that you will want to stay FOREVER! Thirdly. . .the props. . .oh the props. . .

There are 2 main areas with backdrops for photographing. . .did I mention the props? And barrels and closets full of "stuff" for any picture you can imagine. . .for $34.95 you get up to 30 minutes of camera time an a high-res CD to take home.  They also have options for printing and photo merchandise.

Looking for a great and affordable place to have a party? LensFriends does that too. . . they have an amazing party package available.  And I'm thinking it's not just for kids and teens. . .what a fun shower or GNO idea!

You can read all about those things on their website. . .what you can't read about is how being there makes you "feel". . .having taken my kids to one of those photo studios. . .this is a completely different vibe. . .and your kids respond because YOU are taking their picture - not a stranger.  It's such a creative space - my head was spinning with ideas. . .forget those tired old calendars you cram pictures into - go make one with amazing lights and props for every month and season of the year!  Use their giant superhero fists and Babypop capes to create a unique holiday card picture. . .endless possibilities I tell you. . .for under $35.

Many thanks to Kara for her invite to see what they are all about. I will definitely go back for more!

catch you soon -

note - i did not receive any compensation for this blog post, nor was I asked to write one as part of my invitation to check out Lens Friends. 

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