Hillary Chybinski: Title Page & Week One of Project Life 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Title Page & Week One of Project Life 2012

i have mentioned before that I am officially joining the Project Life party for 2012.  it took me a while to make the decision, and when I finally did, the preferred style of page protectors were sold out.

this may seem like a little thing. . .but I learned it was a big hindrance to my "getting started".  my opened kit and empty binder was like a blank Blue Book  (remember those? do they still use them?)

i hemmed and hawed and poured over Becky's, Monica's, Lisa's, Cathy's, Elise's and Ali's blogs. . .I discovered and followed new scrapbooking friends taking off on this adventure through twitter and pinterest.

but i had to just sit down. . .and start.  my plan is to run my weeks from Saturday to Friday, so I have Saturday and Sunday to complete the prior week.  I plan to post my updates on Thursdays.

someone had the idea to keep journaling notes on their iPhone - so I set up a paper and have recorded something for each day. . .Cathy is using an App called Day One - I'll be checking that out this weekend.

i finished my Title Page. . .I do not love the 4x6 in the upper left hand corner. . .it will do . . .the rest I am pretty happy with.

i have week one planned out. . .but not completely pulled together.  again, i struggle with words. . .what to write.  ironic, since i am a blogger right?  but somehow committing that pen to paper is so "permanent". . .such a big chance to get it "wrong".  i KNOW there is no wrong - it's MY story and however I choose to tell it is perfect. . .but it's still daunting.

two other things i learned so far. . .my date stamp only goes to 2007. . .clearly I have not used this tool in a while.  and secondly, i should not have selected True Digital Prints when I ordered photos. . .I am planning to print most of my photos at home from now on.

so onward and upwards. . .trying to remember to take pictures along the way of my day. . .save bits of things to use, and jot down what we did, where we went, what we said, etc.

are you playing along with Project Life?

catch you soon -

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