Hillary Chybinski: a peek into the Martha Stewart Show. . .

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

a peek into the Martha Stewart Show. . .

a couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to NYC and be a member of the studio audience for The Martha Stewart Show.  Granted, it's not as exciting as being a guest (bucket list) . . .but it was a thrill in itself.

the trip to NYC started much too early for me but luckily I got to travel with Sherrie and the trip was a blast.  Next time we go to NYC I want to stop in Brooklyn. . .

so we arrived at the Martha Studios in Chelsea. . .even the building signage is pretty. . .

through security, bag check and into the audience prep area.

it is not at all surprising to me that Martha surrounds herself with competent, professional people that excel at their jobs.  My Audience Coordinator Lois was one such a person.

There was a group of seven ladies from the Philly Social Media Moms, and we were escorted in and shown to seats in the middle front of the audience.  We were good girls and followed ALL of Martha's dress requirements.

Jessica, Valerie and Sherrie

Jen, Trina and Jessica

I was absolutely speechless over the beauty of the set design. . .I've said numerous times that I would love to live there - despite the fact that there's no bedroom.  The kitchen and craft room are heaven on a stick and the garden is just beautiful.

there were all sorts of pre-show stuff happening. . .stylists, and camera people and producers and directors and people. . .a whole bunch of people making it all look so beautiful and easy.

finally Martha came out - and the crowd went wild.  I noticed her 4 inch spike heels - to quote another favorite, Rachel Zoe, "I die".

We learned about easy ways to cook chicken, how to make filled cupcakes, and how to created inspiring and creative baby shower gifts.  Martha also had a question-answer session with the audience.

While I didn't win any giveaways or get to meet Martha . . .yet. . .it was a fantastic day and made a lasting impression on me, my business and my home.

catch you soon -


  1. *all* of the dress requirements? How many could there be??

  2. Looks as if you ladies had a wonderful time. It is definitely a fantastic opportunity to experience a taping of her show. :)

  3. Wow, looks awesome! I wish I could have gone.

    I've gotten addicted to the Rachel Zoe Project, and I'm actually starting to understand some of fashion. Just some. A little bit.

  4. We never discussed it but Trina and I were checking out hose fab heels too! What a fun day!

  5. Connie - you'd be amazed. . .although I have to say - it's not surprising - Martha strikes me as a woman that knows exactly what she wants. =)