Hillary Chybinski: how to . . .make a paper mum wreath

Thursday, October 06, 2011

how to . . .make a paper mum wreath

when i got my fall preview catalog from Paper Source. . .the adorable paper mum wreath practically jumped off the page at me.  I had to have it. . .

so i bought the kit, and last weekend, set about putting it together.

according to the directions, all you need is scissors, double-sided tape and a bone folder.

the forms are all pre-cut. . .so you just need to push out the flowers and leaves. . .

the first step is to assemble the flowers.  There are 6 large and 6 small mums. . .the large mums are 8 layers and the small ones are four.  Trust me when I say the instructions are easy to follow.

Assemble your layers
Add a dab of adhesive in the center to keep it all together
Attach the layers
Large base ready for rolling
Once you get your paper mum together, it's time to make it 3-dimensional. . .the instructions suggest using a bone folder. . .but I found a hard-plastic straw worked best.

Just roll the paper around the straw, pull the straw out and squeeze gently
You have to do that with all the petals on all the mums. . .it take a bit of time - I let my 4 YO help pull the straw out.

once all the moms are pieced together and rolled, you can arrange them on the cardboard wreath form, attaching them with the provided foam squares.

then fold the leaves in half (I did use my bone folder for this step) and attach those with the foam squares.

now you're ready to attache the enclosed ribbon for hanging.  The instructions tell you how to tie a bow in the middle and attach the two ends.

Then find a great place to hang it and wait for the oohs and ahhs!

If you have a flower paper punch or a Die Cutting system, you could easily re-create this kit at home.

What have you made this fall?

catch you soon -


  1. Over all how long would you say it would take an average person to complete this? I need to teach some ladies a wreath craft for fall and thought this might just be the one I try.

  2. As long as it is clean, all paper can be recycled as it pulverised in any case.