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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Family Travel to Busch Gardens

In August we took a trip to Virginia, and our third stop was Busch Gardens.

I had been to Busch Gardens once before, with my Aunt, Uncle and cousin when I was about 10 . . .I didn't remember much. . .so I was looking forward to seeing if this trip sparked any memories.

The entrance to the park is full of beautiful gardens and things to look at.  It is wide and there is plenty of room for crowds of people entering the park.

Busch Gardens Main Enterance
At the entrance waiting to go in

There is a height-check station at the entrance where parents can have their children's height checked and get wristbands that serve as a guide to ride height requirements.  It can save a meltdown or argument at the ride and is a wonderful idea!

Busch Gardens Fountain
a pretty fountain

There are several countries represented throughout Bush Gardens: France, Germany, Ireland and Italy.  Each with rides, restaurants and entertainment.

London Telephone Booth
the boys wanted to know what this was
The kids had three clear favorites:

The Grover Coaster

The Grover Coaster

Family Favorite - Grover Coaster

The Bumper Cars (Der Autobahn) (there was one for big kids and one for little kids)

Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars

and the Railroad, which circles the park and stops in England, Italy and France.

Busch Gardens Railroad

Busch Gardens Railroad

These three attractions got most of our attention throughout our time in the park.

There's the Sesame Street Forest of Fun for the smaller set, with "just-right" rides and shows.  Owen loved hanging out here and trying out all the rides - even though he's not a big Sesame Street watcher.

Busch Gardens

It was a hot day, so we ducked into the Festhaus, for some tasty treats and entertainment.  I decided this was the one memory I had from my visit when I was 10. I remembered eating in there and seeing the show.

Busch Gardens Snacks

Busch Gardens Oktoberfest

We checked out the Land of Dragons with their three-story treehouse and boat ride.

Busch Gardens Boat Ride

Owen and I took the Sky Lift, which goes from England to France and then to Germany before returning to England.

Busch Gardens Sky Lift

Sadly, it turned out to be a rainy day.  But there were ponchos for sale, and plenty of indoor places to escape the heaviest rains.  Since there was no thunder or lightening, most of the park could remain open and operational. We went on airplanes, dragon eggs and boats and saw Clydesdale and Sheep too.

Busch Gardens

Personally, I love amusement rides - the badder the roller coaster, the more I want to ride.  But with 1 child that is not a "rider" and one that is only 4. . .I had to curb my passion.  For those that want to indulge however, there is a variety of thrill rides to please. 

Overall, we had a wonderful full day at the park.  It was super clean, beautiful and fun to walk around.  There is something for everyone and every age in your family.  There are rides, shows, animals. . .a little of everything.  In writing up this post, I realized how many things we missed - so we definitely need to go back soon!

If you are interested in planning your own family getaway to the Historic Triangle area, visit www.visitwilliamsburg.com

In addition, Busch Gardens has their Howl-O-Scream and Christmas Town events coming up.

catch you soon -

note - we were provided complimentary admission to Busch Gardens to facilitate this post; however, as always, all opinions expressed here are my very own.

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