Hillary Chybinski: the Philadelphia Zoo. . .a family favorite

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the Philadelphia Zoo. . .a family favorite

summer vacation is quickly winding down - Monday I had both boys home, and it promised to be a gorgeous day - so we headed to the Philadelphia Zoo.

the zoo is my personal favorite family spot in our area - i could go once a week and not get bored.  I think we've been members for 10 years now - since Ryan was born.

it was a picture perfect day - and not too crowded since some kids in our area are back-to-school already.  we saw lot of animals!

there were 2 prairie dogs out . . .they were eating sweet potatoes

there are baby otters which are absolutely adorable!

the hippos have a great new habitat - we checked that out TWICE - the boys really wanted one of the hippos to go in the water.

the baby giraffe is not such a baby anymore. . .but i caught her trying to nurse from her momma and it was so cute!

we caught a glimpse of one polar bear. . .

we saw a zoo patron agitating the sloth bear - the bear was very upset and the patron and his friend ran away when we got there . . . in all the years i've been going to the zoo that is my first experience like that and it really upset me.

the penguins are always a favorite.

plenty of snakes out too. . .

the tigers were walking around and this one stopped and stared right up into Ryan's face. . .of course i missed that shot. . .

and the McNeil Aviary Center - always such fun. . .

we rode the carousel and the train. . .

 learned how they make the orangutans work for their treats. . .(personally I love how there are people around to interact with the kids and answer questions!)

and posed for some pictures near 2 new friends. . .

it was a great day spent with 2 of my favorite boys.

catch you soon -

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