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Friday, August 05, 2011

inventory management. . .

"Mom, where's my glove?"

"Are we out of milk?"

"Where are the scissors?"

do any of these (or all of them) sound familiar?  if so - then you are probably considered the Inventory Control Specialist in your household and I'm willing to bet you're the mom.

since i've made the switch to working from home mom, there are many things about being a mom that I notice more. . .inventory management is one of them.

now john is pretty good about telling me if we are out of something. . .and my type-A tendencies ensure that all our things have a "home" and I return them to said home whenever I see them straying about the house.

but that does not relieve me of needing to know what we have, how much of it we have, and where it is located. . .my brain is like a mini Amazon warehouse and some days it is exhausting!

occassionaly, as I am sure you can relate. . .it breaks down.

the current favorite granola bars of choice run out . . .there is no kids' shampoo. . .we can't find the skateboard lego guy. . .

i am not a hoarder, nor an Extreme Couponer . . .so my "stash" is small.  i keep lists in my iPhone for the various stores we go to, and add to them on a daily basis.  right now, that is my best way of managing our inventory.  clearly - it's not perfect.

what are some of your best tips for managing the inventory at your house?

catch you soon -

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