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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

how to entertain the kids on a car trip. . .

planning a long car trip this summer? (there's still time!)

we are taking a 5 hour trip. . .and I typically pack books and gadgets for the kids. . .but I wanted to do something a bit more this time.

the type-A mom in me has already assigned the kids each a color.  John and I have a color too for the family calendar. 

i happen to have 2 small tote bags - one in each boys' designated color. . .so i filled them with the clipboards I altered earlier this summer, and a bunch of supplies I picked up in the $1 spot at Target and Office Depot back-to-school sales.  along with a small pack of tissues and a pack of wipes.

viola!  inexpensive and entertaining things to do while we're in the car.  these bags will also be easy to transport into the hotel for in-room entertainment, and on our end-of-the-month camping trip too.

how do you entertain your kids for long car trips?

catch you soon -


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  1. I always hit up the dollar store and redbox for movies. We like that Redbox allows you to rent new releases and you can return them wherever the car takes you. Have fun!