Hillary Chybinski: how blogging is a lot like NASCAR. . .

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

how blogging is a lot like NASCAR. . .

i know it sounds crazy right? how is sitting in your living room writing everyday like driving a car at 200 mph?  while listening to the Brickyard 400 on Sunday (we were in the car so SiriusXM is the next best thing to watching on TV) when Paul Menard won his very first Sprint Cup Race, beating veteran Jeff Gordon. . .that the "little guy" sometimes wins. . .he sometimes gets a break where he can leverage the skills he's been building all along. . .

here are my top 5 ways Blogging is like NASCAR:

1.  NASCAR is a family-owned and operated business - much like your independent blogger.

2.  NASCAR teams need sponsors to race. . .much like bloggers need sponsors to attend conferences.

3. The NASCAR Championships are based on a point system. . .Klout.

4.  NASCAR drivers may be part of a bigger team, but only one person wins. . .bloggers may be part of a group, but only one can be on top.

5.  NASCAR drivers know if you put someone in the wall on purpose, no one will help you win next time. . . bloggers know if you throw another blogger under the bus, you will be outed publicly.

what similarities can you come up with?

catch you soon -

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